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10 reviews, 2.6 score
From : Yemen

this university one of the best universities, in my opinion, all in all, perfect

 4 Years ago
2 0 5
From : India

 4 Years ago
1 0 0.6
chasa chandu
From : India

it is a very bad institute

 9 Years ago
6 0 0.9
ray anooj
From : India

i am still continue this university...lack of opp..the main problem of this university is you don't go to classes you might get expelled from school.......this z the worst this bone by administration

 10 Years ago
4 0 1.3
Upadhyay NIshant
From : India

Bad experience.. Please don't come here. Shanghai, Guangzhou, CMC Beijing are much better.

 10 Years ago
4 0 1
Leponge Bob
From : Jamaica

I hope they won't remove my review.. I have studied in this university and trust me it is getting worse and worse. The campus facilities( the very few that we have) is so old.. There is a fish fond filled with dirt and which attracts mosquitoes and frogs which has not been cleaned for 10 years now. The environment is not pleasant at all. In the international building department recently several students got stabbed, few weeks ago ,thieves broke in the school and stole 10 electric bikes and that at two consecutive times.. There is no security at all. people can even break into your room and still your stuffs. Moreover the population of rats is higher than the population of humans and it is so disgusting. The administration, well thee is someone 'responsible' for you class you won't move one little finger to help you if you have a problem because he/she is too busy. The teaching is too young and lacks of a lot of experience. Moreover if you don't go to classes you might get expelled from school! I know other reviews said it is a good school, maybe it was a good one before but it is no longer good, so dont waste your parents money to come here.. Tell your friends too.. Because once you come you can't go back and it is hell living here. The accommodation is really really bad..All the buildings are old.

 10 Years ago
2 0 1.3
gachathi paul
From : Kenya

am a first year MEDICAL student in my second semester and i really enjoy life in Gxmu ,the accomodation,studies and life in general is exxellent and palatable to a medical student.Life in nanning is awesome the weather is suitable for anyone its super.

 10 Years ago
4 0 3.6
manohar murali
From : India

i like gxmu. i don't regret studying here. beautiful infrastructure and the city is very green.

 10 Years ago
7 0 4.1
strang andrew
From : United Kingdom

I have been here per 3 years. GXMU (English media teaching course) still young compared to many of the western universities, of course it should be stressed that English is not the official language of China and thus there will be times that we (the students) will face difficulties in understanding what the teachers are explaining.(with a bit of hard work, this issue can be solved) The facilities are simply amazing, personally I predict in a no longer future this school will reach the standards of the great western universities, the environment, accommodation and rest are all perfect I don't think there is or there will be someone who doesn't feel at home in GXMU everybody is friendly and willing to help, that's one of the things that I love the most being here.

 10 Years ago
0 0 3.7
From : India

Excellent condition for Indian students. The teachers are quite strict and one has to study study and study. But in the end you will love it specially when u get the scholarship

 11 Years ago
1 0 4.2
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