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From : Ghana

broaden my knowledge on computer engineering.

 9 months ago
1 0 4.9
From : Rwanda


 1 Year ago
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From : Netherlands

leave were you are, with me it is cheaper!

 2 Years ago
3 0 4.4
Bashir Abdulmalik
From : Nigeria

Contact me for easy application into this university or any other university in a China. Wechat: capt_amalik WhatsApp: +8615940294395 email: amalikbashir@hotmail.com

 5 Years ago
6 0 4.9
Khan Muhammad Zohaib
From : Pakistan

how application process admission for ms computer science. i want to study ms computer science. anyone person can help me .

 5 Years ago
0 0 4.9
Muhammad Muhammad
From : China

Hello! Apply without application fee & Agency Fee. I am student consultant at ZJUT, if you have any questions, you can ask me at WeChat ID: studyatchina or WhatsApp me at +86 158 5812 1841, you can also call me and Email me at kiscpk@outlook.com, We also offer admission to other schools and departments. if you are looking for scholarship, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 6 Years ago
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Muhammad Muhammad
From : China

I am Official Representative of more than 75+ universities including ZJUT, students can contact me directly by WhatsApp, WeChat or Call at +86 158 5812 1841.
All questions are welcomed, anytime.

 6 Years ago
2 0 1.1
From : Chile

I have lived in China for 3 years now, and this is really a wonderful place to hang around. The professors knows what they teach and they have a strong command of English. Most of them have studied abroad, so they have something to transmit beyond just class stuff.

 8 Years ago
1 0 4.6
Viswanath Sunil
From : India

Campus close to city center (Language study) Teachers speak English (some can speak very well) and serious at teaching - they use BLCU course books Good support from Admission office Nothing to comment on Hangzhou, as it is one of the most beautiful places in China, more green and lot of places to get away from busy city

 9 Years ago
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Kalentieva Anastasia
From : Russian Federation

Pros:Beautiful surroundings;good price. Contras: 1. VERY far away form the city center (min.1h bus drive) 2. Not many facilities around, just chinese cuisine,no gym, no swimming pull.3. Awfull time-table, most of the classes were in the afternoon, and some days even with one hour break between them.4. A lot of unexperienced. Some of them didn't even speak a word of English, trying to expalin us grammar points in Chinese. After almost each class I had to study every lesson again at home, as in the class I didn't understand the explications in Chinese.5. No level test at the beginning. They just told us to choose the group ourselves (during the first week we could try different groups and levels and choose that best fit us). 6. I will repeat, but still - EVERYTHING is far away, even a bigger supermarket was, like, 20 min bus drive away. The shops nearby usually just have dry stuff, a lot of it not eatable for foreigners. 7.There was NO cultural activities besides the main classes. To try calligraphy we had to ask some Chinese students, because in the international office they said they don't organize it, because there not much interest for it (!!!). 8.The dorms are quite OK, but: in a 3 store dormitory building just one kitchen with one tiny stove. No kitchen ware, no table, nothing more. If you want to cook you have to buy a lot of additional stuff which is not always convenient if you, like me, stay just for 1 semester and don't know what to do with all it afterwards.

 10 Years ago
6 0 1.7
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