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From : Croatia

It was not a pleasant experience, poor administration.

 3 Years ago
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From : (Unknown)

Nanjing normal universitis can I apply for 3rd year free medical

 3 Years ago
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From : Pakistan

hi. me wajahat hussain. i want to do MS in physics from nanjing university so how can i access toprofessors mail?

 5 Years ago
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From : Philippines

I really want to study Applied Linguistics (Phd) in China. Do you know any universities that offer research grant scholarships?

 5 Years ago
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Karlborg Oskar
From : Sweden

Nanjing Normal Universities summer program was exactly what I wanted. It was an intensive month long course that I could do during the University holidays in Australia. The teaching quality was terrific, and I learnt so much in the 4 weeks I spent here. I studied in the intermediate Chinese class, and my class consisted of roughly 5 to 7 people (although the beginners and advanced classes had significantly higher number) this allowed us to get lots of 1 on 1 time with the teachers. Classrooms were also newly renovated and were of really high standard. The accommodation at the university was fine, a bit old perhaps (I stayed at the expert building) but it was something that never bothered me. The university has a really nice campus in the heart of the city, and you can easily catch a bus anywhere. Nearest metro is about 20 min walk. I personally had absolutely wonderful experience at this university during the short time I spent here, and my only regret is not being able to stay longer.

 8 Years ago
3 0 4.6
Lai Kitty
From : United Kingdom

If you\'re expecting amazing results from the 8 week summer program then I really do suggest looking elsewhere. Unlike Emil\'s review, I am not a year long student, but a summer program student, so my experience is quite different, and after 3 weeks I think I can give a fair review. CUCAS airport pickup - Well, technically speaking I did get picked up from the airport and get the the university in one piece. My main concern is that my driver (a woman) could not speak any English at all, so the promise of having someone help me around was reduced to zero and that she started SMOKING half way through the car ride. And when I began to cough, she just opened the window, but didn\'t stop smoking! Are you serious?! Accommodation - I live in Nanshan Hotel, but don\'t be fooled by the the word HOTEL. Levels 1-4 are for normal residents, but 5-8 are for students, which therefore means that the staff couldn\'t care less. I am very lucky in that sense, as I live on the 6th floor and even though I turned up and had to scrub the room myself (grime and dirt for goodness knows how long), a friend of mine on the 8th floor had a room that had MUSHROOMS growing underneath a mat and bugs in the closet! His roommate (who eventually left but was apparently a strange person who liked to cook in his room) had been in the room for four years, and apparently no one had cleaned it during that time. In all honestly, I had prepared myself for this kind of accommodation beforehand, so when I turned up and saw that a bit of the floor was missing I was only a little surprised. Also, since I only have one set of bedding and there are no tumble driers to dry clothes (I recently bought a clothes line and have attached it across my room so I can hang my clothes after washing) I\'m not entirely sure how to go about drying them afterwards and using them straight after....Having said that, I have gotten used to my room with my nice korean room mate and at least we have air con :D Teaching - This one is a bit on the fence. I hear that some programs in other universities have classes with personal tutors afterwards and cultural activites offered etc Well, there were three cultural activities offered and they all happen during July, so I have no idea if we will be offered anything in August. As for teaching, there are only 3 levels, beginner, elementary and then the third class which is obviously far too easy for the vast majority of people in my class. Many people in my class are hsk 5/6 or major in Chinese, so the textbook is far too easy. My Chinese isn\'t even very good, but I suppose the class goes slow enough that I don\'t need to work extremely hard. We are only taught through textbook, PPT and blackboard, no speaking classes or listening classes. The teachers themselves are actually pretty good, just wish we could learn something more practical as opposed to looking at a textbook all the time. Food - 20 kuai for a canteen card (reception of the Nanshan hotel can sell you one) and whatever money you put on top.

 9 Years ago
6 0 2.9
Elgaard Emil
From : Denmark

Overall I was surprised at the quality of the teaching. The classes were actually pretty useful. The teachers were engaged and I managed to learn alot in one year. The campus is beautiful with old chinese style buildings with dragons on the arches. I was originally placed in year 2 since im not good at writing, but they moved me up at once. I was glad that it was so flexible. The teachers were also receptive to my input about how I wanted to learn. I was no good at writing by hand so I handed in my homework by printed copy and they were OK with that. It seemed like all the non-degree students were the hardest working, to tell the truth most of the degree student were extremely lazy.

 10 Years ago
1 0 4.7
robillard alxzyndria
From : United States

The teachers and faculty are very nice and professional, they are able to create a comfortable atmosphere for new students. The Chinese language program is really intense and very enjoyable, it helps to create a great foundation in the Language.

 11 Years ago
0 0 3.4
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