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From : United States

I applied for spring semester 2020.

I was accepted and arrived in China a few days before the lockdown for the virus.

Not once did I receive any emails.

I had been calling and emailing them since February with no reply.

Finally I was connected with someone on April 29th. Her name was Cindy. She told me my JW form was expired and I had to apply to a new semester.

They had the audacity to tell me I needed to pay the application fee of 500rmb all over again.

I had moved my whole life to China, and after this virus hit, all they care about is money, and not for the welfare of their students.

Please think twice before applying to this school.

If possible, I would give no stars, because the representative, Cindy, was also arguing with me on WeChat. They are rude and mannerless, and should be avoided at all costs.

 3 Years ago
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