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Król Adam
From : Poland

This program is very well suited for people who want to learn chinese seriously. There is a lot of classes and every week is intense. There is a nice amusement park near the campus. Pollution exists and you can notice it hearing the teachers cough and when the winter comes, but still air is much better than in Peking. Teaching quality deserves special credit as it is professional and interesting. Teachers speak only chinese which is a big plus and helps you develop faster. There are some nice extracurricular activities. My special thanks and credit goes to zither teacher. The university organizes a trip to Ice World in winter, opening and closing ceremonies. During the closing ceremony there are fun games, competitions and performances prepared by international course students. I didn't give 5 stars for Administration, because of minor inconveniences I had after coming to campus: - wasn't informed that money for course must be paid in advance with a part of accommodation costs - I didn't get the basic living information: after a pick up from train/plane station prepare to be left alone in a dormitory without knowing where the administration is=)

 9 Years ago
1 0 4.8
farah edris
From : Sudan

the good things in my school are that you will find the good environment to study the area around the school is full of good places for shopping the live is cheap at Harbin but January is very cold you have to stay inside campus or to put a heavy clothes to go outside the ice is very nice there and you will be lucky if you visit the ice city at Harbin which is very beautiful at night you can search Google image if you want to see how is beautiful it was.

 10 Years ago
2 0 4.5
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