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Thawattanapong Krittapas
From : Thailand

It is an interesting faculty. You can get various skills in art and many experiences in animation making.

 6 Years ago
3 0 4.2
From : Pakistan

i want to apply for animation degree. kindly guide me.

 6 Years ago
3 0 5
yousuf tahir
From : Pakistan

which kinds of scholarship available

 7 Years ago
3 0 0.9
Charles Asheida
From : Grenada

One of the things I admired and appreciated more than anything else about CUC is the excellent faculty and support staff. My program was under the Institute of Communication Studies and the faculty there had a great command of the English language which was quite helpful for English speaking students like myself. Their knowledge about the media and communication landscape is commendable. I also like the fact that as an international student, I got the opportunity to see and know more about China, its people and its culture. My program was a year long and in that year CUC ensured that students got a great deal of knowledge and a holistic understanding of China. I recommend this university to international students who endeavor to pursue a degree in media and communication.

 7 Years ago
4 0 4.4
Orcutt Lisa
From : United States

CUC is located further out of the city (on subway line 8 going east) as opposed to many of the other schools located in Haidian district which is very central. There are less foreign students, which is a good thing IMO (because you're then forced to speak Chinese more) and the classes are generally small (classes 1 and 2 have around 15-20 students but the higher levels have only 10 or less students). Besides learning a lot of language, the thing that impressed me about my time there were the field trips the school organized. There were trips to the Great Wall but the trip I liked the best was we took a weekend trip to the Yungang Grottoes in Datong, Shanxi. Even if you aren't Buddhist the sculptures and history are still quite amazing. We stayed the night in a 5 star hotel (I am not making this up), ate local food, and our tour guide spoke English with a British accent (I am not making this up either). The entire trip cost each student 200RMB total. Very cool. I don't know if they still do that trip, but it was very different and interesting, we got to get out of Beijing and see a different side of China. In the higher levels (classes 5 and 6) they have an advanced "Creative Writing" class which was my favorite.

 11 Years ago
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