Chinese Bridge Online Camp Scholarship
Northeast Forestry University
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Northeast Forestry University Chinese Bridge Online Camp Scholarship

Scholarship Information

  • Scholarship Coverage:tuition fee
  • Estimate Scholarship Amount (RMB): full
  • Success Rate:90%
  • Deadline for payment: Dec 30, 2022
  • Deadline for document:Dec 30, 2022
  • Scholarship Service Fee:$200

You Need Pay After Got Scholarship (RMB)

Tuition: 0 0
Accommodation: 0
Living Expense: 0

Scholarship Detail

Expenses: Free! Free!

Note: This is online study for 2 weeks.


1. Be at least 14 years old with some basic English communication skills

Documents You Need to Provide

1. Copy of passport (valid for one year at least)

2.Passport-Size photo 3.5*4.9cm

Program Information
  • Starting Date:Oct 08,2023
  • Degree:Chinese Program
  • Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Teaching Language: Chinese
  • Tuition Fee: RMB 0 In Total
Entry Requirements

1. Be at least 14 years old with some basic English communication skills

Program Highlights

  • learn Chinese language courses, 
  • visit Winter Olympic Stadiums,
  • know Winter Olympic sports,
  • sing Winter Olympic songs, 
  • And much more!

Program Description

You will
attend Chinese language courses,
visit national wetland parks,
sing ecological protection songs,
join cultural communicative activities,
And much more!
Course Time: October 8th- October 19th, 2022
Application Date:From now until September 30th, 2022
Course Type: Online live and recorded English-medium courses which can be played repeatedly
Course Content: Opening Ceremony, Chinese Language Courses, Ecological Courses and Closing Ceremony Teachers of this project are quite experienced in Chinese and cross-cultural teaching and can use multi-media facilities to conduct online teaching. All the recorded courses are made by professional film team, which will show you the unique charm of Ecology