· Founded in 1984.

· A member of ‘Project of Prestigious Universities in Shandong Province’.

· Co-established by two prestigious universities of China—Peking University and Tsinghua university.

· Located on the shore of the Yellow Sea, less than one hundred meters from the coastline, Yantai University is truly a seaside University.

· With more than 29,000 students, Yantai University is a comprehensive university with 10 disciplines: culture, science, engineering, law, agriculture, medicine, economics, management, education, and art.

· In 1998, Yantai University was authorized for postgraduate education.

·In 2004, Yantai University won the Award of Excellence in the Undergraduate Teaching Qualifications Evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education.

·In 2011, Yantai University was successfully selected by the Ministry of Education for a distinguished engineer education program.

·In 2012, Yantai University was selected as one of the most superior universities for training students in law.

·Also in 2012, Yantai University successfully entered the group of Elite Universities and gain qualifications for doctoral education.

· As one of the first universities allowed to accept foreign students in China, Yantai University has had students from over thirty different countries and regions.

· Yantai University has endeavored to promote international exchange and has established partnership with more than 100 universities and institutions from 26 countries and regions.

· The university has two joint undergraduate educational programs with universities from South Korea and the United States, is holding student exchange programs with 35 universities of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea.

· The university hosts several major international tests, including the Official Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), the Korean Proficiency test (TOPIK), and the Cambridge Business English Certificate test(BEC).

· Yantai University offers different scholarships to international students—Chinese Government Scholarship program,Shandong Provincial Scholarship and YTU scholarships.

The Best Leisure City -------Yantai

·Located in the eastern part of the Shandong Peninsula and

·Bordering the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea.

·Has 230 offshore islands and seven natural bays.

·1038 km-long golden coastline connects the mountains and the sea.

·Beautiful scenery and four distinctive seasons.

·UN-Habitat Award City.

·China's most charming city.

·National historical and cultural city.

·One of China's first 14 open coastal cities.

·The best leisure city in China

·The only International Wine City in Asia.

·National Excellent Social Management city.

·The birthplace of Wu Style Taiji and Mantis Boxing.

·One of the birthplaces of Jiaodong folk culture and Shandong cuisine.

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