Shanghai International Studies University, abbreviated as SISU, as one of the key universities of the national project "211", is jointly administered by China's Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal Government. Founded in 1949, SISU was one of the first key universities engaged in both foreign language teaching and cultural exchanges with foreign countries since the establishment of the PRC.

SISU puts an emphasis on the construction of disciplines and majors. The university offers 15 foreign language degree-programs and 12 non-linguistic degree programs. Setting the undergraduate education as its foundation and the construction of disciplines and majors as its pillars, SISU is striving for extension in both directions in an effort to find the best ways to strengthen China's foreign language teaching and disciplinary construction.

SISU advocates the modern open educational ideas. SISU regards opening-up and cultural exchanges with foreign countries as the basis of its further development. Its open-minded attitude allows it to fully draw on the excellent achievements and experiences of other countries in higher education. It encourages the faculty and students to raise their international awareness and strengthen their communicative abilities in order to fully show the appeal of international education of the University.