Honghe University is an ordinary comprehensive university affiliated by Yunnan province, which was combined by Mengzi Teachers’ College and Yunnan Radio and Television University Honghe Branch School approved by China's Ministry of Education in April 2003.

The university has a full range of disciplines and 13 academic departments: College of Humanities, School of Business, School of Engineering, College of Life Science and Technology, School of Science, Teachers’ Training College, Physical College, School of Mathematics, International College, School of Art, College of Foreign Languages, School of Music, School of Politics and School of International Relations. There are 40 disciplines, covering 9 research fields, such as literature, history, law, science, engineering, agriculture, economics, management, education, etc.

Honghe University covers over 80 hectares (1200 mu), overall building area of 276,000 square meters. With teaching, research instruments and equipment in fixed assets 55 million yuan. College Library books more than 581,000 copies. The university finished the construction of the basic studying and living facilities on campus, including Boyuan teaching building, Jianxiang stadium, Ren Meifu engineering building, Huang Jian Science building and 9 students’ dormitories. The experimental teaching centers for electronic information, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and digital media in school of engineering are set up. Moreover than that, the teaching experimental centers for science research and life science and technology are also completed. The teaching and studying environment has dramatically improved. Campus net, dormitory net, wireless internet on campus, multimedia classroom, and campus one-card all take the best convenience for students and teachers.

Currently Honghe University is equipped with 773 teaching and administrative staff, 591 of them are professional teachers, and 184 are with vice-high tier or above, accounted for 34% of professional teachers. 297 teachers are with the master and doctoral degree, accounted for 50% of all staff. And also Honghe University is one of the universities which implements the Complete Credit System accredited by Yunnan Education Bureau.

The university actively promoted international cooperation and exchange, speed education internationalizing process, which displays gradually a growing trend of variety. At present, nearly 70 international universities and colleges from 12 countries has established the relationship with Honghe University.

Honghe University built the branch preparatory school for studying abroad in Yunnan province, and set up the international Chinese center with the local universities in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. For cooperation with Vietnam, which refers to the Chinese promotion, education abroad, union cultivation, research cooperation, academic exchange and cultural and sports exchange, etc.  Moreover, the new branch school named Vietnam & Taiyuan campus of Honghe University has been founded. As the first four undergraduate majors under two universities accredited by China Ministry of Education, become the only and first university which offer bachelor degree program abroad. Under the cooperation with Thailand, which explore the new education module with 1+3, 1+2+1, SAP, short-term exchange and intern abroad programs on the base the union cultivating and students exchange programs.