Beijing Union University is a regular comprehensive higher education institution at municipal administrative level, established in 1985 with approval of Ministry of Education. It was originally from the branches (which was set up in 1978) of more than 30 key universities in Beijing, such as Peking University and Tsinghua University. We are a university that focuses on undergraduate education with complete disciplines, and trains application-oriented students. Adhering to the education philosophy of “serving the people and with application as our premise”, we have trained more than 100,000 graduates in the past 30 years, and have made great contributions to the prosperity of the economy and the development of the society. Today, our university has developed into a university of large scale and high enrollment rate, and is one of Beijing’s key training bases for application-oriented students.

BUU currently has a student body of nearly 30,000, including 20,000 undergraduates, over 8,000 higher vocational college students, some postgraduates, and over 6,000 students for adult education.Our university has 3 programs for postgraduate education, 54 programs for undergraduate education, and 71 programs for higher vocational college education.Our university actively carries out scientific research work. We have undertaken many scientific research projects on both national and provincial levels, and made great achievements.Our university actively carries out international co-operations on educational projects and academic and cultural exchange activities to promote the development of the university.

Looking forward to the future, we feel confident. BUU will move ahead with the goals of building a “first-class university at home, and a well-known university abroad”, and train more high-quality, application-oriented students with rich knowledge for application and strong competence for practice.


The school invested approximately 1.3 million RMB in building such facilities as digital multimedia network, computer rooms and a multifunctional center. Among the 29 classrooms are 7 large ones which can house 60 persons and 22 small ones which can contain 20 persons. Total areas for classrooms reach 1,200 square meters. The School is also equipped with state-of-the-art electronic white boards, reaching international levels in both facility availability and function.

Extracurricular Activities

To enrich life of international students: