Founded in 1956, Capital University of Physical Education and Sports (hereinafter called CUPES) has been among the top of similar institutions in China in the areas of the scale, level, professional settings, faculty staff, teaching quality, scientific researches and facilities. In 2006, it was given Excellence Award by Ministry of Education in Undergraduate Education Evaluation. And in 2012, approved by Confucius Institute Headquarter (Hanban), CUPES set up Martial Arts Training and Research Center for International Promotion of Chinese Language.

With a multi-layer, multi-specification and multi-mode pattern in running schools, CUPES has eleven undergraduate majors like Physical Education, Martial Arts and Chinese Traditional Sports, Public Administration and Art Performance, two A discipline master divisions, one professional degree master division and one doctor degree division. CUPES attracts a great number of domestically and internationally well-known experts and scholars, having a teaching staff with high level of scholarship, rich teaching experience and strong professional ethics.

In recent years, CUPEs has been paying great efforts to promoting internationalization and socialization in running schools. Currently, we have established international cooperation relationships with a number of colleges and universities in 49 countries.

There are currently more than 5,000 students in CUPES,among whom there are over 50 long-term international students. Besides, hundreds of short-term international students from over 50 countries or regions are received annually. CUPES is one of the sports institutions which can take in international students with Chinese Government Scholarship.