Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE), founded in 1923, is located in Nanchang City, the capital of Jiangxi Province. Nanchang is one of the worlds famous historical cities with numerous cultural relics. With the rapid economic development and social progress, it became the 3rd biggest economical city of northeastern China and, in the year 2006, it was listed as one of the 10 Most Dynamic Cities.

JUFE is a high-level financial and economic institution jointly sponsored and governed by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education, and the Government of Jiangxi Province. It has been a comprehensive institution of higher Education specialized in economics and management with other disciplines such as law, engineering, humanities, science, and arts developing in a coordinated way. It ranks 7th among all the universities of Finance and Economics in China and has more than 26,000 undergraduates and graduate students.

There are four campuses in our university. It covers an area of more than 2,200 mu (around 1 .46 million square meters) and has a construction area of over 900,000 square meters. The university has a collection of 8.62 million books (including 1 .86 million e-books). The campus has a beautiful scenery and unique landscape. It is one of the 300 best greening units in China.

JUFE has 2,239 staff members, 277 professors and 506 associate professors.