XUT was established in 1959. Now we have 19 schools, 70 undergraduate majors, and 23,000 full-time students. This application-oriented university takes engineering as its main discipline, also with coordinated development of multiple disciplines such as science, engineering, culture, economics, management, teaching, art, and physical education.

XUT is the University implementing the national "excellent engineer education and training plan", the Pilot University of the national industry education integration development project, the chairman unit of China photovoltaic engineering industry education integration collaborative innovation platform, and the executive vice chairman unit of the National Alliance of Newly-built Undergraduate Colleges and universities. The university has 70 undergraduate majors, including 2 national characteristic majors, and 7 national first-class professional construction sites and 3 pilot majors of the "excellence plan" of the Ministry of education. The University ranked 35th and 3rd in Jiangsu Province in the ranking of the National Undergraduate competition of newly-built colleges and universities from 2017 to 2021.

Every year, students from Europe, the United States, Asia, Africa and other countries and regions are coming to XUT for study. Up to now, more than 600 international students have been trained.