Leshan Vocational and Technical College (LVTC) is located in Leshan, southwest of Sichuan Province, West China. Leshan, situated in the convergence of Minjiang River, Qingyi River and Dadu River, is about 100 kilometers away from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. Leshan, entitled the national famous historic and cultural city, one of the first batch of open-up cities in China, excellent tourism city in China, is a well-known international tourist destination. Leshan Giant Buddha, on the other side of the city separated by a river is the largest sitting Buddha in the world, which is recognized by UNESCO as “world natural, historical and cultural heritage” together with Mt. Emei under the governance of Leshan government. The picturesque natural scenery, unique Buddhist culture of Mt. Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha, architecture, cliff-tomb and Confucian culture attract thousands of international tourists.

Leshan Vocational and Technical College (LVTC) is a state-owned public full-time college funded by Leshan government. Founded in 1951, LVTC is a demonstrative higher vocational college in Sichuan Province. Ten departments in the college covers 39 majors under liberal arts, science and engineering, and about 16,253 students study in full-time here. Now there are 645 full-time teachers in LVTC, among whom 29 are professors, 127 are associate professors, and 201 with doctor or master degree. LVTC is equipped with advanced teaching instruments and equipment, 117 related experiment training room on campus, 118 experiment training room outside the campus, 2 affiliated hospitals indirectly under the college, 1 affiliated hospital directly under the college, 2 factories for productive internship, 1 polysilicon silicon training (simulation factory) base with the financial support of the country and 1 nursing training base. In the National High-tech Development Zone in Leshan, LVTC has established Leshan Solar Energy Research Institute, photovoltaic power plant, Leshan Medicine Search Center and 3D Print Engineering Technology Center. In Shuikou Industrial Concentration District in Leshan,LVTC has Modern Network Communication Training Center, Vehicle Testing and Repairing Training Center, Polysilicon Ingot Production Training Center, Intelligent Transportation Training center and LED Production Training Center. In addition, the collection of books in the college library is more than 740,000.