Jilin Normal University, founded in 1958, is a key university in Jilin province. It is located in Siping city. Its former name is Siping Normal College. The university with spacious campus and elegant environment covers an area of 1,000,000 square meters. Jilin Normal University serves as the local education and it is also the training center for provincial teachers at all levels. Jilin College and University teachers' training center is located here. At present, there are 22 colleges, 2 teaching sections, 30 research units and 173 laboratories. There are 63 undergraduate programs in total and nearly one hundred secondary discipline master's degree authorization centers. The library has 2.32 million volumes. The total student population is more than 21,000, and 16,837 of which are full time students. Jilin Normal University owns comparative strong teacher resources. There are 1,561 faculty-members, 1,300 full-time teachers, 645 associate and full professors, and 15 PhD supervisors. Jilin Normal University always attaches importance to education and teaching quality. The focus is on the integration of students’ knowledge, professional skills and the moral integrity. The university aims to train students to follow the principles in accordance with spirits, morality, global perspective and capability of teaching. Graduated students are in high demand and get highly praised by the society and work enterprises. 

Jilin Normal University is very active in developing foreign academic exchanges and has wide inter-school cooperation. It has established cooperative relationship with universities and educational scientific researching institutions in the United States, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia and Great Britain etc.. In 2006, awarded by the Ministry of Education to accept foreign students of Chinese Government Scholarship eligibility.  

Jilin Normal University welcomes all foreign students to study here and can offer the major which is suitable for you. Currently, students from more than 10 countries like America, Russia, Japan, Korea,Mongolia, Cuba, Kazakhstan , Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam and Laos are studying here. The Institute of International Culture Exchange will provide the best services to meet their needs and to make their stay comfortable. Mankind has entered a new century. Peace and development, the two main themes of the modern world, offer possibilities and opportunities for the development of education. In its past glorious more than 50 years, Jilin Normal University has contributed to the basic educational service and local economic construction. We look forward to the extensive development of educational resources, and hope to expand educational development space and seize opportunities in order to create a new and excellent university, which is distinctive, modern, open and full of vitality.

Features of Jilin Normal University

Good location. JNU located in Siping City Jilin Province, as a traffic hub, which holds convenient transportation, by high speed rail  from Siping to Shenyang only need about 44 minutes, Siping to Changchun about 39 minutes,  Siping to Dalian about 3 hours,  Siping to Beijing about  5.5 hours.

Good air quality.  Siping was rewarded the "national hygienic city".

 Modern curriculum setting and advanced teaching facilities: all international students programs will use the multimedia devices.

Excellent accommodation condition and affordable living cost. The average living cost is about 1500 RMB/ month/person, which is only equal to 40% in Beijing and Shanghai. Hotle-style management in international students apartment bings more benefits for students daily life.

Buddy program:  one program which aims to help international students suit the new study life in China, there is one Chinese student will as his partner and help international student improve his/her Chinese  level.

Foreigners services of Jilin Normal University:  International student can process the visa extension in the school, also you  can book door to door service about it.

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