A Brief Introduction to Liaoning Petrochemical University

Liaoning Petrochemical University (LNPU) is located in Fushun, overlooking the scenic banks of the Hunhe River. It enjoys a beautiful campus environment. LNPU was originally founded in Dalian in 1950 as the first petroleum school of New China. In 1953 the school was relocated to Fushun and in 1958 it was upgraded to Fushun Petroleum Institute. In February 2000 its leadership was transferred to the People's Government of Liaoning Province, in light of the management system of “simultaneous construction by central and local governments, with the local government playing a more prominent role”. In October of the same year, Fushun Coal Industry School was incorporated into Fushun Petroleum Institute; in February 2002, with the approval of the Ministry of Education (MOE), Fushun Petroleum Institute was renamed as Liaoning Shihua University. Since its establishment 64 years ago, LNPU has educated more than 100,000 graduates, most of whom are now undertaking leading roles in management and technology in various fields such as petroleum, petrochemical engineering and the coal industry.

Since the beginning of the new century, under the leadership of the Party Committee and the government of Liaoning Province, the university has adhered to the outlook for scientific development and holds firmly to the historical opportunity for stepping up on higher education, reinvigorating Liaoning’s old industrial bases and speeding up its development. LNPU successfully made a joint venture with Liaoning Provincial People’s Government, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (SINOPEC) and China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), which has brought new opportunities for further development on a new platform. Taking the “indomitable spirit” as the long-term development strategy, strengthening the inner core values as the strategic focus, LSHU makes every effort to promote reform and innovation in education, has made great advances in schooling level, education standards, university operation scale and conditions. It has developed into a multidisciplinary university specializing in petroleum and petrochemical engineering with seven well coordinated disciplines of engineering, sciences, economics, management, humanities, law, and education. The university has also been designated by the MOE as the qualified institute for “Outstanding Engineers Training Plan”, the sole basic training base for high-level ethnic minority talent education as well as the training base for the undergraduate preparatory programs for ethnic students. Furthermore, the university has been named as the nurturing base for talents in short supply in the petrochemical industry.


By 2006, after many years of intense effort, a brand new fully functional campus was completed, with logically laid out infrastructure, a beautiful natural environment and a humanistic atmosphere, all blended together to achieve a harmonious whole. Combining education, research, humanity and ecology, the new campus, which integrates the previous campus, has taken on a modern, up-to-the minute look. The university covers a total area of 127 hectares. with a built-up area of 750,000 m2, together with stadiums of 100, 000 m2. The campus library has a total collection of 1.177 million books, and owns teaching and research instruments worth 0.172 billion RMB.

Students and Faculty

The university currently has about 23,000 students, which includes 1,400 graduate students, 17,000 undergraduate students, 2,000 vocational school students, 1,800 continuing education students, 1,000 ethnic minority students and 300 international students. Total number of faculties is 1509, among the others, which includes 978 full-time teachers, among whom 47.1% hold senior professional titles, 85.7% have master’s degrees, and 244 are master and doctorate tutors. In addition, 19 teachers enjoy Special Government Allowances, 1 has received the honor of Climbing Scholars in Liaoning Province, 20 faculty members are among the national and provincial Hundred-thousand-myriad Talents Project, and 55 teachers are recognized respectively as state-level or province/ministry-level science and technology experts, academic leaders and excellent core educators.

Disciplines Construction and Development

To date, there is the Academic Division of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering, and 20 schools and colleges on campus which include Information and Control, Computers and Communications, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Economic Management, Mathematics, Foreign Studies, Marxism, Physical Training, Mining Engineering (vocational and technical education), Shunhua College, Continuing Education, Experimental Education, International Education, Ethnic Education, Postgraduate School and the Yingkou University Park ( a sub-campus of LSHU). Currently the university possesses 2 joint PhD programs, 12 first-grade discipline master programs, 45 second-grade discipline master programs, 14 engineering programs and business administration master programs, 50 undergraduate programs, and 26 vocational specialties. Among them are 2 provincial key disciplines and 5 provincial priority-funded disciplines. Furthermore, LSHU has established 4 provincial innovation teams, 9 provincial colleges and universities teaching teams, 4 national featured majors, 6 majors in “Outstanding Engineers Training Plan by MOE” (including 1 master program), 1 national pilot major for Comprehensive Reform, 2 National Engineering Practice Centers, 1 National Training Center for Practice Education, 4 provincial featured and strongly supported majors, 1 Provincial Pilot Major for Comprehensive Reform, 5 Provincial Demonstration Majors, 6 Pilot Majors for Engineers Training Mode Reform, 8 Provincial-level Experimental Demonstration Centers and Engineering Practice Centers, and 18 provincial quality courses and resources sharing courses.

Scientific Research Achievements

Concentrating its effort on building an innovational platform for science and technology, LNPU has established 20 provincial key laboratories and engineering technology centers and 1 provincial key research base for Science Education Planning. The two projects, “The Petrochemical Industry Collaborative Innovation Center in Liaoning Province” and “Liaoning Fine Chemical Collaborative Innovation Center” (declared by Shenyang University of Chemical Technology and LNPU) were both approved as “the Collaborative Innovation Center of Liaoning Province in 2011”. And the university has also made joint efforts with Fushun Municipality to build an IT center, a Fine Chemical Research and Development center, a New Energy Research and Development Center, and established a joint-laboratory for petroleum and chemicals with Fushun Research Institute of Petroleum and Petrochemicals. The Humanities and Social Sciences research has achieved markedly good results too. The university established two provincial institutes — Liaoning Province Lei Feng Spirit Research Center and Liaoning Province Social Stability Research Center, and a public opinion research base in Liaoning Province, which have respectively achieved many high standard national and provincial research results. In the past five years, LNPU has undertaken a total of 613 research projects and received 147 awards for science and technology at national, provincial and municipal levels. Research proceeds exceed 0.3 billion RMB, and patent applications have reached 195 items (including 66 invention patents). In addition, it has published 216 works and textbooks; more than 3,000 academic papers in core journals, of which 692 articles have been embodied by SCI, EI, SCIE, and ISTP and 2 science and technology core journals: “The Journal of Petrochemical Universities” and “Journal of Liaoning Shihua University”. In 2013, LNPU held its 4th Science and Technology Work Conference, the focus and direction of science and technology development have been clarified. The university has been identified as the first batch pilot organization for university of science and technology serving the county economy, and has also been awarded the “The Advanced Social Science Organization of National Large and Medium-sized Cities”.

Campus Culture Building

LNPU actively develops its campus culture, and advocates the principle of educating. The motto of “perseverance and sincerity” and the distinguished style of university administration of Lei Feng Five-A Spirit(a spirit of persistent nail — commitment to duty; a spirit of a drop of water — solidarity and cooperation; a spirit of burning flame — self sacrifice; a spirit of adaptable brick — common laborer devotion; a spirit of tree leaf — gratitude to the motherland)to students have become a powerful spiritual force nurturing the growth and success of both teachers and students. With emphasis on the “Two Courses” (Marxist theory and ideological and political education), the operation of “Lei Feng Spirit Online” website, the on-campus Lei Feng Spirit development programs, the Lecture Room, Students Culture and Arts Festival, Sports Culture Festival, and The University’s Clubs Culture Festival, LNPU comprehensively satisfies the spiritual and cultural needs of its students. These activities have broadened the scope of the participants and improved their ethical and moral integrity. The effective campus culture building and talents cultivating approaches with Lei Feng Spirit have borne rich fruits. For instance, the university has received the second-class award in the 7th term of “Outstanding Achievements for College Campus Culture Building” program by MOE. And in Liaoning Province, LNPU has also been awarded with many honorable titles, such as “Prestigious University of Campus Culture Building”, “Advanced Group for learning from Lei Feng and Guo Mingyi Spirit”,” Excellent Organization of Learning from Lei Feng Spirit among Universities and Colleges “and “The Lei Feng Group”.

Talents Development

LNPU gives priority to talent cultivation. With a mode to produce graduates of “virtuous and professional qualities based on solid rudiments, extensive professional knowledge, high quality and strong ability”, the university has launched many effective measures: a flexible credit system, Lei Feng Spirit demonstration classes, theory classes, experimental classes for teaching reform and other education reform initiatives to focus on cultivating students’ innovative spirit and practical ability. In 2007, LNPU accepted the teaching assessment for undergraduate programs and achieved excellent results. Through establishing the students’ science and technology club, the Students Innovation Fund; building scientific and technological activities platforms, open laboratories, innovation laboratories and off-campus practice bases, the university also encourages students to participate in faculty research projects, and actively carries out disciplinary contests and extracurricular activities for scientific and technological innovation and practice. In the past three years, LNPU students have won 344 national awards and 669 provincial awards in academic competition and technological innovation activities. LNPU attaches great importance to sports activities, making every effort to encourage both athletic sports and mass sports, and has comprehensively developed the “Sunny Sports” programs. Student sports activities including featured sports teams in football, orienteering, badminton, fencing, and dragon boat racing have flourished, among which badminton, fencing, and the Dragon Boat are recognized as high-level professional sports teams by MOE. Many prizes in various athletic sports programs have been won nationwide. In 2013, the university achieved the “excellent institute” award in the national event of “SUNNY SPORTS Winter Long-Distance Running by Millions of College Students”.

With the advantage of extensive knowledge, strong ability, and comprehensive quality, graduates from this university enjoy a universal welcome among their employers. For six consecutive years, the employment rate of the graduates has always been maintained at over 93%, placing LNPU at the forefront of the colleges and universities in Liaoning Province, and the university was awarded Advanced Graduate Employment Work Unit in the province.

International Cooperation

To implement its internationally oriented development strategy, LNPU has established long-term partnerships with 20 universities and research institutes in 10 countries, including the United States, Russia, Britain and Korea. Joint-education programs, such as “ 2+2 ”, “ 1+2+1 ”,” 4+1 ”,” MBA ” , “ MPA” and other collaborative education projects operate smoothly with The University of Edinburgh (UK), Northern Illinois University (USA), and other well-known overseas universities. So far, dozens of LNPU students have gone to the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, Belgium and France for study. And appointed by MOE, LNPU accepts application for full-time international postgraduate studies under the Chinese Government Scholarship Program.

Morality Honors and Awards

The university was honored with the National May Day Labor Award, National Model Unit for Building Workers Professional Ethics Award, National Model Unit for Faculty Service, National Advanced Union in Education, Science, Culture and Public Health System, National Model Unit for Greening, National Advanced Unit for College Energy-saving Work, National May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee, National Advanced Unit for Student Loans Service, the Advanced Party Committee, Advanced Unit for Grassroots Party Organization Activities, Model Unit for Law-governed Management of University Affairs, Model Unit for Spiritual Civilization Construction, Advanced Unit for Democratic Management, Safe Campus by Liaoning Provincial Government and the Department of Education of Liaoning Province.

In the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, enriched with hope and challenges, all staff members and students in Liaoning Shihua University will be further filled with confidence, sparing no efforts to make the university more prosperous. It will advance with the times, and aim at an even higher-level teaching-research oriented university with its own advantages and special features. With its roots in Liaoning Province, branching across the whole country, it serves petroleum and petrochemical industries and local economic and social development, targets the highest level of teaching and research with strong comprehensive strength and competitive forces. We are aiming to be not only in the first class university group in Liaoning Province but also to be among the foremost educational institutions globally.