Paying the Deposit
Paying the Deposit
May 08,2014

Most Chinese universities ask students to pay the tuition fees when they arrive in the school. But some universities require a deposit before they officially send the admission letter to the students. The deposit should be paid as the university’s request, and will be use as part of the student’s tuition fee. If a student falls behind with the payment, his/her admittance will be cancelled. CUCAS is hereby to remind all the international students about the deposit payment.

  1. 1. When you are filling in the application form, please pay attention to the introduction, whether you should pay the first year’s tuition or deposit in advance.
  2. 2. You can login to CUCAS to check the result of application. The "Application Status" will be updated as soon as the admissions office makes the decision, and the CUCAS system will send a confirmation email to your registered email address.
  3. 3. Please pay attention to the confirmation email. It will include the official guide of tuition/deposit payment information, the university’s bank details, as well as the CUCAS payment statement.
  4. 4. Please prepare to pay the deposit. And make a phone call or send an email to CUCAS before sending the money. This step is extremely important. Please contact CUCAS via: 86-10-82865135 / or
  5. 5. When you complete the payment, please send the photocopy of your bank receipt to CUCAS:
  6. 6. CUCAS will notify the university about your payment. When they receive the money, they will prepare the admission letter and JW202 form (if applicable), and then put forward to CUCAS to send to you.

NB: The names of Chinese universities which require students' deposit are listed here. (CUCAS will keep on update this list. And CUCAS also reminds all the students to be cautious of some agents. Collecting your tuition fee in advance may have other purpose.)

  1. 1. Fujian Medical University
  2. 2. Sun Yat-sen University
  3. 3. Southwest University
  4. 4. Capital Mandarin School
  5. 5. Shanghai University (1-on-1 programs only)
  6. 6. Zhejiang University
  7. 7. Dalian Medical University
  8. 8. University of International Business and Economics
  9. 9. Donghua University