Can I get a conditional offer?
Can I get a conditional offer?
May 08,2014

Conditional offers are sometimes available for these types of applicants.

1. Applicants who have not yet received their graduate certificate and transcript

If you are graduating soon but have not received your graduate certificate and final academic transcript, your application might be considered according to your educational background. Some universities will give you a conditional offer if you are qualified and some universities will make the decision when your final grades and graduate certificates are available. Normally, the requirements must be fulfilled prior to enrolling in the program.

2. Applicants who do not meet the HSK requirement

Applicants for degree programs taught in Chinese must pass the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) to prove their Chinese level is sufficient to attend classes. For students who do not meet this requirement, some universities offer a conditional place on to the degree program if the applicant successfully completes a one-semester or one-year Chinese language program and passes the relevant exams.