Chemical Engineering (IchemE Accredited)
Tianjin University
Basic Information
Degree: Bachelor
Starting Date:
Please be subject to the starting date on admission letter you got, since the starting date may change.
Sep 1 , 2023
Duration: 4 Years
Teaching Language: English
Tuition Fees: RMB 20,000 per Year
Application Deadline:
The deadline means the date of Beijing time. You are suggested to submit your application 3 or 5 days before the actual deadline so that you can have time for necessary changes on documents.
Jun 15 , 2023
Application Fee:
The application fee charged by the university, CUCAS only collect on their behalf.
USD 86 (Check Policy)
Service Fee:
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USD 219 (Check Policy)
Program Highlights


  • The program has been accredited by IChemE at Master Level. ·
  • A continuing commitment to (and a leading role in) the development of chemical engineering education within China ·
  • A comprehensive, modern and forward-looking chemical engineering curriculum with a strong core and a good depth and breadth of advanced subjects through the provision of a wide range of elective subjects that are based on the research strengths of the School ·  Excellent opportunities for the students to experience research project work within the School’s research laboratories. ·
  • Excellent staff resources in terms of numbers, qualifications and morale. ·
  • Excellent physical facilities in terms of laboratories, library and IT. The laboratory facilities for teaching are of a particularly high standard in terms of the students’ learning experience and the quality and range of experimental rigs.
Program Description

Course objective

The program is aimed to broaden and deepen students’ knowledge and understanding of Chemical Engineering. The graduates would have a sound theoretical grasp of the science and principles, combined with practical experience and an awareness of their responsibilities for the society and the environment. The graduates would be qualified for professional chemical and process engineers in the industry or following a postgraduate route into a research, industrial or academic career. Career prospects for Chemical Engineers are bright and promising in China. The breadth of knowledge and skills acquired during the degree programme also provide the possibilities for chemical engineering graduates to seek various opportunities in other sectors, such as utilities, consulting, banking and finance, and as officers in government agencies.


The intensive engineering practice is one feature of the chemical engineering programs. We have extensive and well-equipped laboratory facilities and these are used to effectively deliver a high-quality laboratory experience, including experience at pilot-plant level. Although the learning outcomes can be achieved in these short periods are limited, the visits do provide the students with a valuable awareness of industrial practice and the students to get benefits from the visits. The companies that regularly host the academic visits (plant visit) by our students include:


1.Oil Refinery of Tianjin, Dagang Oilfield Group Company.

2.Dezhou Shihua Chemical Company

3.Sinopec Tianjin Branch

4.Tianjin Aktcat Company

5.SINOPEC /SABIC Tianjin Petrochemical Company Limited

6.Tianjin Dagu Chemical Company

7.Yanshan Petrochemical

Furthermore, in the final-year design project, students would have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to practical industry problems and therefore develop their problem solving skills and team working skills.


Program Syllabus (155 Credits)

Semester 1 (20.5 credits)   Semester 2 (23.5 credits)
Mathematics (2A) 6 Mathematics (2B) 5
Physics(A) 4 Inorganic Chemistry (B) 2.5
Physics Lab 1 Inorganic Chemistry Lab (B) 1
Inorganic Chemistry (A) 2.5 Inorganic Chemistry (A) 2
Inorganic Chemistry Lab (A) 1 Physical Chemistry (A) 3
Introduction to Chemical Engineering 2 Physical Chemistry Lab(A) 1
PE 1 *Introduction to Process Design 2
Chinese 3 PE 1
    Chinese 3
    China Studies 3


Semester 3 (Compulsory 15 credits)   Semester 4 (Compulsory 16 credits)
Linear Algebra 3 Engineering Math (for Chem. Eng.) 3
Physical Chemistry (B) 3 Heat Transfer 2
Physical Chemistry Lab (B) 1 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 3
Chemical Process Safety 2 Design Project (1) 1
Fluid Mechanics 2 Research Projects (1) 2
Organic Chemistry (B) 2 Chemical Engineering Lab (1) 2
Organic Chemistry Lab 1 Introduction to Biochemical Engineering 2
PE 1 PE 1


YEAR 1-2: Electives (3+4 credits)
Choose 3 or more credits   Choose 4 or more credits
Chinese-English Translation 1 Introduction to Food Engineering 2
Technical Writing 2 Introduction to Polymer Engineering 2
Introduction to Management 2 Introduction to Electrochemistry 2


Semester 5 (16 credits)   Semester 6 (16 credits)
Chemical Equipment Design 3 Separation Processes 3
Mass Transfer 3 Analysis and Synthesis of Chemical Processes 2
Chemical Process Flow sheeting 2 Transport Phenomena 2
Chemical Reaction Engineering 4 Chemical Process Design 3
Environmental Chemical Engineering 2 Chemical Engineering Lab 2 2
Chemical Process Control 2 Design Project (2) 2
    Research Project (2) 2


Semester 7 (Compulsory 19 credits)   Semester 8 (Compulsory 10 credits)
Industrial Visit and Practice 2 *Final Design Project(Continued from Week 1-4)  
Industrial Chemical Processes 3 *Final Design Project (from Week 5-16) 10
Novel Separation Technology 2    
Molecular Science and Product Engineering 2    
*Final Design Project (from Week 14-21) 10    


YEAR 3-4: Electives (12 credits)
Biochemistry 2   Catalytic Science and Progress 2
Introduction to Cleaner Production 2 Membrane Science and Technology 2
Nanomaterial Science and Technology 2 Gas and Petroleum Processing 2
Water Pollution Control 2 Life Cycle Assessment 2
Metabolic Engineering 2 Particle Mechanics and Processing 2
Biology 2 Reactor Design 2
Environmental Biotechnology 2    

Entry Requirements

1. Applicants shall be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, and the conditions set by the Document No. 12 (2020) of Ministry of Education of the PRC should be met.

2. Applicant should hold a high school diploma and be under the age of 25. Applicants who are still under the age of 18 as of September 1st, 2023 must submit the original guardian certificate issued by the Tianjin District Notary Office, and the Guardian must be a permanent resident of Tianjin.

3. Language Proficiency Requirements:

English-taught programs applicants need to submit English proficiency certificate (English native speakers are exempted). TOEFL: no less than 80, IELTS: no less than 6.0.

4. Applicants have good conduct, good physical and mental health, and be willing to abide by the laws and regulations of China and Tianjin university.

Fee Structure

Tuition Fee
Bachelor RMB 20,000 pre year
RMB 80,000 in total (About $ 16,327)
Accommodation Fee
Weijin Road campus
Double Room RMB 50  (More Details)
Single Room RMB 60  (More Details)
Peiyang Park campus
Single Room RMB 40  (More Details)
Other Fees
Application Fee:
The application fee charged by the university, CUCAS only collect on their behalf.
RMB 420
Service Fee:
For the service CUCAS provide to you. If you get a scholarship while applying as a self-financed applicant, you need to pay another scholarship service fee of 200 USD.
USD 219 (Check Policy)
Living Expense RMB 1,850 to RMB 2,300

Application Materials

"*" means necessary documents that you must provide in your application.

*1. Scan of original high school diploma or original notarized diploma.

Scan of pre-graduation certificate is required if the applicants have not gained certificate. Please resubmit the original highest diploma or original notarized diploma before registration.

*2. Scan of notarized copy of the high school academic transcripts or scan of international standardization test results

Such as SAT/ACT/A-Level/AP/IB etc.

*3. English proficiency test certificate

*4. Applicants who are not in China at present must submit scan of Certificate of Non-Criminal Records

Fresh high school graduates are required to submit a certificate that shows the applicant's good record of conduct and performance in school, issued by their respective high schools.

*5. Photocopy of passport within the validity period

Applicants who have immigrated to other countries or whose parent is a Chinese national should provide proof of time for naturalization, proof of renunciation of Chinese nationality and a visa record of recent four years.

6. Applicants who are still under the age of 18 as of September 1st, 2021 must submit the original guardian certificate.’s ID (Students whose ages are under 18)

7. Applicants who are now in China must submit scan of Photocopy of Visa and Transfer Certificate from present school.

*8. Study Experience Resume

The start and end time of each education experience must be uninterrupted, and education level should start from senior high school.

You can download a template or sample from here.

*9. Application Form

Filled in by typing in Chinese or English, pasted with a recent photo.

You can download a template or sample from here.

*10. Photocopy of foreigner physical examination form

The medical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Please select the appropriate time to have medical examination as the medical results have a 6-month validity.

You can download a template or sample from here.

*11. Personal statement or study plan (600 words at least).

*12. Passport photo

A recent passport-sized photo of the applicant.

*13. Certificate of Bank saving or Income Certificate of Financial Guarantor

You can download a template or sample from here.

14. Supporting Documents: Certificate of Good Conduct

Provided by your current/previous school/company in Chinese/English to improve your success rate.

You can download a template or sample from here.

15. Certificate of award

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