Offline Chinese Language Program(Hongkou Campus)
Shanghai International Studies University
Basic Information
Degree: Non-degree
Starting Date:
Please be subject to the starting date on admission letter you got, since the starting date may change.
Teaching Language: Chinese
Tuition Fees: RMB 7,600 In Total
Application Deadline:
The deadline means the date of Beijing time. You are suggested to submit your application 3 or 5 days before the actual deadline so that you can have time for necessary changes on documents.
Dec 31 , 2024
Application Fee:
The application fee charged by the university, CUCAS only collect on their behalf.
USD 92 (Check Policy)
Service Fee:
For the service CUCAS provide to you. If you get a scholarship while applying as a self-financed applicant, you need to pay another scholarship service fee of 200 USD.
USD 109 (Check Policy)

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Special Requirements
Program Highlights
  • The free-charged elective courses will be provided for international students.
  • The School will train students with lots of methods to have a better understanding of Chinese culture, Chinese society.
  • Students will have different classified levels of courses in speaking Chinese.
  • The university being one of the first key universities has been engaged in both foreign language teaching and cultural exchanges with foreign countries.
Program Description

1. Program Introduction

Editor Notes: The length of the program is 1 semester up to 3 years.

  • There are two semesters in each year. 
  • It is about 4 months for each semester. 
  • The class hours are 20 for one week (one class hour equals 45 minutes).

2. Course Arrangement

Editor Notes: There are basic Chinese language courses and elective course in this program.

Comprehensive Chinese language courses (including grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and oral training). The level of difficulty ranges from beginner level, elementary level, intermediate level and advanced level.



Present level of Chinese

Learning objectives

Language competency


Contents of courses



Easy Learning Chinese basic course book one、two and three



Can recognize Pinyin and write simple Chinese character; can greet with simple words and speak Chinese in classroom settings; can talk about food, hobbies, weather.

HSK 2-3


Easy Learning Chinese basic course book two、three and four

Have Learned Chinese for more than 80 hours, can recognize Pinyin and simple Chinese characters; can make easy conversations.

Around 300

Can grasp the knowledge about notification, congratulations, apologize and demand; can make comparative sentences; can cope with simple life and school communication scenarios. 

HSK 3 


Easy Learning Chinese basic course book three and four; intermediate course book one

Have Learned Chinese for more than 160 hours, can recognize textbook without Pinyin, and can express their own idea.

Around 500

On the basis of knowing

language, discuss the hot

topics related to Chinese

culture such as health

care, pets, leftover single

men and women,

environmental protection,

the ability to communicate

and solve practical

problems in Chinese. 

HSK 3-4


Easy Learning Chinese basic course book four, intermediate course book one and two

Have learned Chinese for more than 260 hours, can understand daily life expressions and express own ideas or thoughts in paragraphs.

Around 1000

Grasp the meaning and usage of idioms, related words, colloquial words and usage in the text, understand the cultural differences of various countries, Chinese regional cultural differences, travel, food, love, fashion and Dressing(clothes matching), family, medical treatment, the concept of friendship and Internet education.。



Easy Learning Chinese intermediate course book one, two and three

Have learned Chinese for more than 320 hours,

Can communicate fluently in Chinese, and read general essays and express your views and ideas systematically.

Around 1600

Use the learned vocabulary and language points to express sentences, retell texts, make keynote speeches or debates, etc. learn to read news or articles; learn to express your opinions in writing, learn cultural knowledge and phenomena that appear in the text, such as Qingming Festival, the way of health  preservation, table manners, bow headed clan(people)", Long-distance love, Globalization, etc.

HSK 4-5 


Easy Learning Chinese intermediate course book two, three and four

Learn Chinese for more than 400hours, you will be able to talk about a wide range of topics in Chinese, be able to to read common Chinese newspapers and magazines and also be able to enjoy simple Chinese movies and TV programs.

Around 2500

Learn and understand Chinese cultural knowledge and current hot topics related to the content of the textbooks, for example; The Chinese dream, World citizens, China's double 11, Shanghai Disneyland, etc. and express your views through situational dialogues, speeches, debates, etc.

HSK 5 



Have learned Chinese for more than 560 hours, can use vocabulary freely, can read basic newspapers and magazines

Around 3200

Introduce and analyze Chinese culture, discuss cross-cultural topics with students through debates and speeches, for example: Gift-giving culture, The concept of Marriage,  Family, Hierarchy, borrowing money, etc.

HSK 5-6 

3. Tuition and Fees (in RMB)

Editor Notes: The fees is subject to the school standard when the applicants arrive at the school.

Length of Program Tuition Application Fee Insurance
One semester 9,200 450 300
One year 18,400 450 600
One month 3,700 450  
Two months 6,000 450  
Three months 7,600 450  

5. School Introduction

Editor Notes: SISU has successfully developed a diverse and distinctive mix of disciplines with language and literature as its pillar. 

The University,Shanghai International Studies University, abbreviated as SISU, as one of the key universities of the national project "211", is jointly administered by China's Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal Government. Founded in 1949, SISU was one of the first key universities engaged in both foreign language teaching and cultural exchanges with foreign countries since the establishment of the PRCLearn More>>

6. Cooperation & Exchange

Editor Notes: SISU has established inter-university cooperation and exchange with 119 universities from 32 countries and regions

  • The University has built partnerships with above 300 universities and institutions from 55 countries and regions.
  • The University has connected with international organizations, including the United Nations and the European Union closely.
  • The University has compiled and published a series of Mandarin Chinese textbooks to be used by non-Chinese speakers.
  • The faculty and students actively participates in international conferences, sports games and other multilingual events. 
  • The University has set up a powerful digital audio-visual database containing multimedia resources in foreign studies.
  • There are 11 highly regarded and rigorously peer-reviewed academic journals being edited and published currently by the University. ​

7. Campus Life

Editor Notes: International students enjoy the wonderful life in the campus.

Autumn Outing

Spring Outing

Entry Requirements

  • Foreigners with a high school diploma or above, aged 18 years or above and below 50 years old (16-60 years old for short-term transfer studies), in good health, with reliable financial payment guarantees and guardians. If you have ever studied or lived in China, you must not have any records of violations of laws and disciplines.

Fee Structure

Tuition Fee
Non-degree RMB 7,600 in total (About $ 1,552)
Accommodation Fee
SISU Guesthouse
Double Room RMB 90 to RMB 105  (More Details)
Single Room RMB 140 to RMB 170  (More Details)
SISU Hotel
Double Room RMB 80 to RMB 95  (More Details)
Single Room RMB 160 to RMB 190  (More Details)
Dormitory in Songjiang Campus
Double Room RMB 50  (More Details)
Single Room RMB 100  (More Details)
Other Fees
Application Fee:
The application fee charged by the university, CUCAS only collect on their behalf.
RMB 450 to RMB 800
Service Fee:
For the service CUCAS provide to you. If you get a scholarship while applying as a self-financed applicant, you need to pay another scholarship service fee of 200 USD.
USD 109 (Check Policy)
Living Expense RMB 1,500 to RMB 2,000

Application Materials

"*" means necessary documents that you must provide in your application.

*1. Application Form

Please upload your finished application form here.

*2. Certificate/diploma of highest education

Graduation certificate in languages other than Chinese or English should be translated into Chinese or English and be certified by notarization.

*3. Academic transcript of highest education

*4. Copy of your passport

With name, passport number & expiration date, and photo included

*5. 2 passport photos (in size of 5cm * 4cm)

6. Supporting Documents: Certificate of Good Conduct

Provided by your current/previous school/company in Chinese/English to improve your success rate.

You can download a template or sample from here.

How to Apply
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