Computer Science and Technology
Zhejiang University of Technology
Basic Information
Degree: Bachelor
Starting Date:
Please be subject to the starting date on admission letter you got, since the starting date may change.
Sep 6 , 2023
Duration: 4 Years
Teaching Language: English
Tuition Fees: RMB 18,800 per Year
Application Deadline:
The deadline means the date of Beijing time. You are suggested to submit your application 3 or 5 days before the actual deadline so that you can have time for necessary changes on documents.
Jul 31 , 2023
Application Fee:
The application fee charged by the university, CUCAS only collect on their behalf.
USD 82 (Check Policy)
Service Fee:
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USD 54 (Check Policy)
Special Requirements
Program Highlights
  • This program is an important major in Zhejiang Province.
  • This program provides internship opportunities in nearly 70 well-known software corporations in China.
  • The School has built 4 teaching and experimental bases together with big-scale companies, such as National Animation Industry Base and National Digital Entertainment Industry Base.
  • Cooperation with famous universities and research institutes, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
Program Description

1. Training Goal

Editor Notes: This program is one of the first leading majors in "Extraordinary Engineers Cultivation Plan".

  • To train international elites with a systematical and comprehensive knowledge of computer technology. 
  • Be able to conduct academic research. 
  • Being able to work in scientific research departments, education unit, enterprise, institution, computer hardware development and administrative department.
  • Being able to be employed in the fields of computer science teaching, science research and computer science and technology application.

2. Program Introduction

Editor Notes: Computer Science and Technology is an important program in Zhejiang Province.

  • This program depends on Zhejiang Province Information Processing and Automation Technology Top Key Discipline, Zhejiang University of Technology computer network application software engineering research center. 
  • This program pays much attention to guiding students to set up a comprehensive knowledge framework, strong hands-on ability and innovative ability.
  • The School owns a powerful faculty team and excellent experimental facilities.

2.Program Structure

Editor Notes: The program includes 14 main courses.

Introduction to Computer Science and Technology Discrete Mathematics C++ Programming
Data Structure Fundamentals of Electronic Technique Digital Circuit and Digital Logic
Principles of Computer Organization Principles of Operating System Principles of Computer Networks
Principles and Applications of Database Microcomputer Interface Technology Embedded Systems
The Principle of Compiler Software Engineering  

3. Internship and Future Career

Editor Notes: Students can choose to do the internship in practice bases and they have lots of career directions.

3.1 Practice Base

  • The School has built practice bases with almost 70 well-known software corporations in China. 
  • There are 4 teaching and experimental bases which have been established together with several big-scale companies.
  • The School has cooperated with famous universities and research institutes at home and abroad.

3.2 Employment Information

  • Graduates can be engaged in related fields with their professional knowledge.
  • Being engaged in individually developing software and managing computerized systems in technology companies.

4. School Introduction

Editor Notes: ZJUT is a comprehensive university among the top 100 universities in P.R.China.

The year 1953 saw the establishment of a new Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT) in Hangzhou, the picturesque historical and cultural city in China. Dating back to 1910 as Zhejiang Technology School, the University has successively gone through various historical periods, namely, Hangzhou Chemical Engineering School, Zhejiang Secondary Chemical School, Zhejiang Chemical College, and Zhejiang Engineering CollegeLearn More>>

5. College of Software Engineering

Editor Notes: The College is one of the largest-scale, most active, and rapidly developing schools at ZJUT.

  • There are more than 160 full-time faculty members and staff, including 29 professors and 63 associate professors. 
  • Visual Media Intelligent Processing Technology which is an Engineering Center for computer network applications is a Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory. 
  • This program is the Provincial Key Specialty and the Digital Media Technology is the Innovative Training Model Demonstration Area.
  • The college has cooperated with more than 80 national well-known enterprises to provide student internships.  
  • The college has researched an agreement for joint training with universities and research institutes at home and abroad.

6. Faculty

Editor Notes: 95% of over 60 faculty members hold a master's or doctoral degree.

  Subject: Intelligence Technology
Professor Wang Wanliang

Dean of College of Software Engineering,
  Subject : Wireless Network and Network Coding
Professor Zhu Yihua

Research Scientist in University of British Columbia, Canada, (2005)
  Subject : Database System
Professor Fan Jing

Visiting Scientist in The University of Aberdeen, Britain, (2009); Senior Engineer

7. Campus Life

Editor Notes: International students enjoy the wonderful life in the campus.

Opening Ceremony


Volunteers Shined in Hangzhou

Entry Requirements

(1) Over 18 years old and hold a minimum of high school diploma.

(2) Requirements for students taught in English: 1)Native English Speaker or English as official language, 2) IELTS 5.0/TOEFL 60, 3) Instructed in English at high school 4) Other English Language Competence are accepted by our university.

(3) Attention: For those who have given up their original Chinese citizenship and become foreign citizens, according to Document No.83 (2009) of Ministry of Education of the PRC, must become foreign citizens before April 30, 2018, and must have lived abroad more than 2 years from April 30, 2018 to April 30, 2022 (more than 9 months of residence abroad per year can be considered as one year).

(4) Those who wish to apply for engineering-related course should have a good background of mathematics, physics and chemistry; those who wish to apply for courses related to economics and management should be excellent in Mathematics; those who wish to apply for courses related to art and design should have basic foundations in fine arts and design.

Fee Structure

Tuition Fee
Bachelor RMB 18,800 pre year
RMB 75,200 in total (About $ 15,347)
Accommodation Fee
East 16 Building
Quad room RMB 3,500  (More Details)
No 11 International Students Apartment
Double Room RMB 1,200  (More Details)
Triple Room RMB 600  (More Details)
Other Fees
Service Fee:
For the service CUCAS provide to you. If you get a scholarship while applying as a self-financed applicant, you need to pay another scholarship service fee of 200 USD.
USD 54 (Check Policy)
Living Expense RMB 2,180 to RMB 2,780

Application Materials

"*" means necessary documents that you must provide in your application.

*1. Application Form

Please upload your finished application form here.

2. Applicants who have given up their original Chinese citizenship and become foreign citizens should submit

(1) cancellation certificate of Chinese citizenship
(2) current citizenship certificate
(3)Exit and Entry Record on passport, from July 30th ,2018 to July 30th , 2022.

*3. Certification of no criminal record

*4. English proficiency test certificate

For example, IELTS or TOEFL, only for applicant whose native language is not English.

*5. Senior high school diploma (original copy or notarized copy)

The documents in other language except Chinese and English shall enclosed with the notarized translated version in Chinese or English.
Graduating students can provide pre-graduation Certificate. After admission, the original graduation certificate or notarized copy should be submitted.

6. Financial support certificate

7. Applicants less than 18 years (by September 1st, 2022) should submit

(1) Letter of Guarantee (who must be an adult residing in Hangzhou)
(2) notarized Authorization Letter written by parents, copies available.

*8. All the visa pages in passport

*9. A photocopy of passport

With name, passport number & expiration date, and photo included

*10. ID photo

White background, 35mm×45mm in size.

*11. Transcripts for all the courses in senior high school (original copy or notarized copy).

The documents in other language except Chinese and English shall enclosed with the notarized translated version in Chinese or English.

12. Supporting Documents: Certificate of Good Conduct

Provided by your current/previous school/company in Chinese/English to improve your success rate.

You can download a template or sample from here.

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