Microelectronics Science and Engineering
Southern University of Science and Technology
Basic Information
Degree: Bachelor
Starting Date:
Please be subject to the starting date on admission letter you got, since the starting date may change.
Aug 26 , 2024
Duration: 4 Years
Teaching Language: English
Tuition Fees: RMB 32,733 per Year
Application Deadline:
The deadline means the date of Beijing time. You are suggested to submit your application 3 or 5 days before the actual deadline so that you can have time for necessary changes on documents.
May 10 , 2024
Application Fee:
The application fee charged by the university, CUCAS only collect on their behalf.
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Service Fee:
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Program Description

I. Introduction

The main objective of the School of Microelectronics is in the direction of integrated circuit chip design and manufacturing, and fosters innovative leading talents oriented to 
internationalization and industrialization. This discipline is a new engineering discipline developed on many basic disciplines. It is the pioneer and foundation of electronic science and information technology in the 21st century. It is also an important foundation for the development of modern high-tech and national economic modernization. Mainly researching the design and manufacturing technology of semiconductor devices and VLSI, and closely integrating with the industry. The School of Microelectronics will closely cooperate with the electronic engineering departments of famous universities in the Great Bay Area (such as the University of 
Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the University of Macau), as well as many leading enterprises in Shenzhen's local electronic information direction (such as Huawei, ZTE, Tencent, etc.) Also will cooperate with the four research directions of EDA, VLSI-SoC, wide WBG semiconductor, and future communication. Therefore, the project class is different from the existing microelectronics disciplines, and will further explore new engineering construction oriented by internationalization and industrialization.

II. Objectives and Learning Outcomes

The Microelectronic Science and Engineering major aims to provide students not only solid theoretical knowledge in semiconductor materials and devices, but also intends to the cultivate innovative leading talents capable of manufacturing and designing integrated circuit chips. The students can participate in microelectronics science and engineering courses offered by university teachers in Hong Kong and Macau at SUSTech, as well as internship courses (such as Huawei, ZTE, Tencent, etc.). After graduating, the students can work in the design of electronic components manufacturing, integrated circuits and systems in various related enterprises, or they can continue their studies or research in famous universities in the Great Bay Area (such as Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the University of Macau).

III. Study Length and Graduation Requirements

Study length: 4 years
Degree conferred: Bachelor of Engineering
The minimum credit requirement for graduation: 139 credits (not including English courses);

IV. Discipline

Major disciplines include Microelectronics Science and Engineering, integrated circuit Engineering .etc. 

V. Main Courses 

Core courses include Calculus, Linear Algebra, Engineering Mathematics, General Chemistry, General Physics, Engineering Drawing, Solid-State Electronics, CMOS VLSI Design,CMOSVLSI Fabrication Technology, CMOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design, Microprocessor Design, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Basics,Advanced Semiconductor Device etc.

VI. Practice-Based Courses 

Core practical training includes Microelectronic related experiments, IC process internship (sophomore), integrated circuit design internship (sophomore), new engineering course innovation project experiment (third), Shenzhen industrialization company internship (sophomore summer vacation, junior summer vacation), HKUST/HKU/UM exchange internship ( Seniors), as well as various academic competitions, such as the National IC Design Competition. Major professional experiment includes Analog Circuit experiment, Digital Circuit experiment, Semiconductor Devices experiment.

VII. Pre-requisites for Major Declaration

More details



Entry Requirements

1. Applicant should have got high school diploma or to be awarded with a high school diploma before June of their enrollment year. Ethnic Chinese applicants with valid foreign passports shall meet requirements stipulated in "Notice of the Ministry of Education on Regulating the Enrollment of International Students in Higher Education Institutions in China".

2. Applicant under 18 by 20th of August of the enrollment year should confirm a guardian based in Guangdong Province.

If the guardian is not one of the applicant's parents, the applicant should provide an authorization letter that has been certified by the local Chinese Embassy.    

The Authorization Letter can be provided before an offer is issued.

3. Applicant should be academically prepared for rigorous STEM study across Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

4. Standard Test

-IETLS(6.0 or above)/TOFLE(75 or above)/Duolingo(95 or above)score report (obtained within last 2 years) are required, waived for native English speakers.

-Results of International standard tests (e.g. SAT*/ACT/A-LEVEL/AP/IB/others).(optional)

-Certificate of National/Regional Graduation Examination/Matriculation Examination.(optional)

*SAT should be sent by ETS to the following address:

Phone: 0086 0755 8801 5435

Address: Room 208, Admin Building, Southern University of Science and Technology, 1088 Xueyuan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen ,Guangdong, P.R. China

Postal Code: 518055

Institution (DI) Code: B435

5. Applicant should not have any criminal-record and must follow the law of China and regulations of SUSTech.

Note: Tuition fee is 4,600 USD, RMB on the information page is only for reference.

Fee Structure

Tuition Fee
Bachelor RMB 32,733 pre year
RMB 130,932 in total (About $ 26,721)
Accommodation Fee
International students apartment
Quad room RMB 8,183  (More Details)
Other Fees
Service Fee:
For the service CUCAS provide to you. If you get a scholarship while applying as a self-financed applicant, you need to pay another scholarship service fee of 200 USD.
USD 54 (Check Policy)
Living Expense RMB 2,500 to RMB 4,000

Application Materials

"*" means necessary documents that you must provide in your application.

*1. Application Form

Please upload your finished application form here.

You can download a template or sample from here.

*2. Passport-sized photo

A passport-sized photo taken recently of the applicant.

*3. Passport

Please submit the scanned copy of your info page. Your passport should be valid for more than 12 months.

4. English proficiency test certificate

For example, IELTS or TOEFL, only for applicant whose native language is not English.

*5. Senior high school academic transcript or college transcripts

Original Transcript should be provided in your native language, covering all years of study in high school or university if relevant.
If your transcript is not in English, please do submit the English version (should be stamped by high school).
Please also give us a basic explanation about your academic records, what the test system in your school looks like, what place do you claim in the whole class with your overall performance.

*6. Two letter of recommendation

Please submit TWO recommendation letters.
Name, title and contact details of the referees should be included in the letters.
Nominated recommendation letters should not be related to you and should be qualified to comment on your capacity to cope with the academic demands of the program.
Please ask them to comment on (but not limited to):
How long and in what capacity they have known you
What they consider to be your strengths
Detailed information on academic results that you have obtained
Their assessment of your suitability for the expected program for which you are applying
If English is not your first language, it would be nice if they make a comment on your English speaking, writing and comprehension abilities.

*7. Personal Statement

In the statement, we are looking for evidence of the qualities that you will bring to the program and student community. We also want to understand how studying a program at SUSTech will help you meet your career aspirations. Please ensure that you address (but not limited to) the following in your personal statement:
What skills, qualities and experiences would you bring to the program and how will they help you succeed?
How will the opportunity to study at SUSTech help you in your academic, personal and professional development?
What are your career aspirations and how will successful completion of this program help you achieve them?
Your personal statement should be no more than 500 words in length, be written in English and be your own work.

*8. Senior high school Certificate/diploma

Certificates in languages other than Chinese or English should be translated into Chinese or English and be certified by notarization.
Your high school diploma should be submitted. However ,if you have not graduated yet, please provide a certificate of studying with expected graduation date issued by your high school.

9. Supporting Documents: Certificate of Good Conduct

Provided by your current/previous school/company in Chinese/English to improve your success rate.

You can download a template or sample from here.

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