Changsha International Airport

Changsha Huanghua International Airport was built in 1986 and was put into operation in 1989. It has become the largest airport in Hunan Province and one of the major domestic airports in China. It has an annual transport capacity surpassing ten million passengers. The airport serves more than 100 regular flight routes to 73 cities at home and abroad. There are 31 Chinese and foreign airline companies operating in this airport, including China Southern Airlines, Xiamen Airline Co, and OKAIR.

Changsha City Bus

Public bus routes serve all parts of the city and its suburbs and there is a choice of ordinary buses or those with air-conditioner. Fares are CNY1or 2. The Hong Kong based Lishan Bus line operates a service between the railway station in the east of the city and Central South University via the famous Mount Yuelu but we would recommend that your best choice is the air conditioned vehicles as they are far more comfortable in the hot weather.

Changsha Taxi

The charge standard of the taxi in daytime is: CNY3 for the first kilometer (0.6 mile); CNY4 for 1-1.5 kilometers (0.6-0.9 mile); CNY5 for 1.5-2 kilometers (0.9-1.2miles); CNY6 for 2-2.5 kilometers (1.2-1.6 miles); CNY7 for 2.5-3 kilometers (1.6-1.9 miles); above 3 kilometers, CNY1.8 is charged for each succeeding kilometer. For a single trip exceeding ten kilometers, an extra 50% surcharge for an empty run is charged in addition to the current total fare. However, if passengers take the same taxi to return to its starting point, the extra expense should not be charged. The standard nighttime applies between 21:00 and 05:00: within 3 kilometers (including 3 kilometers), CNY1 is added for each distance covered based on the daytime standard; above 3 kilometers, CNY2.16 is charged for each succeeding kilometer. It is always best to ask for a quotation of the total cost prior to commencing your journey.