Wuxi Transportation

In Shanghai you can take the new G-Train to Wuxi. The journey will be about 45 minutes and it costs ¥61 (November, 2010). G-Trains can be boarded from either Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station which is accessible with Metro line 2 to East Xujing or Shanghai Main Railway Station accessible with Metro line 1. Otherwise you can take the normal D-Train which takes about 50 minutes and cost ¥49. If you get off from Nanjing Lukou Airport, you can take intercity bus or taxi, don't forget your belongings when getting off. If you don't know where you can take, you can download the map of airport. Taxi is a good means of going places with a flag fall fare of ¥10. A 30-minute of taxi ride would probably cost you around ¥30.