Suzhou International Airport

Despite being an important tourist destination, Suzhou does not have its own international airport at present. It is best to use the airports of nearby Shanghai. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) and Pudong International Airport (PVG) are used frequently by domestic and international visitors. Hongqiao Airport (SHA) is 86 kilometers (about 53 miles) away from Suzhou. Upon arrival, passengers could walk to the connected Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, and then take a bullet train to get to Suzhou in 30 minutes. The nearby Hongqiao West Traffic Center also operates coaches to Suzhou.

Suzhou Subway

Presently, only the section of line 1 between Mudu and Zhongnan Street is in operation. Line 2 will be opened to public by end of 2013. In the near future, another 5 lines measuring 200 kilometers (about 124 miles) long and with 105 stations will be in service. 

Suzhou City Bus

Like other tourist cities in China, Suzhou has a convenient public transport system. Most of the buses running in the city only take exact change so make sure you have some small coins before getting on. The price of regular buses is 1Yuan per person. Air-conditioned buses cost 2 Yuan per person. Buses running from the city to the suburbs vary in price. Check the sign on the front of the bus to see the fare.

Suzhou Taxi

You can easily hail metered taxis in the city. During the day, the first three kilometers (about 1.9 miles) is 10 Yuan and then 1.8 Yuan for every succeeding kilometer (about 0.6 mile) after three kilometers. After five kilometers (about 2.7 miles), 50% of the price is added to the passenger fee. Each five-minute or more waiting time is added as one extra kilometer to the passenger fee. Late at night (after 23:00), the price is 13 Yuan for the first three kilometers and 12 Yuan for each additional kilometer.