Ningbo Transportation

Ningbo is so much bigger than the small downtown area, staying downtown can fill a few days but it’s just like any major city. To really see some jaw dropping parts of Ningbo you have to adventure into the outer districts, where you will meet the kindest of people with the warmest of smiles. Breathtaking mountain ranges steeped in a deep and meaningful history that has been relatively undisturbed. Trains - Ningbo South Railway Station (宁波火车南站) Tel:0574-5616-3111 Taxis are ¥10 for the first 3.5 km plus ¥2 fuel tax. Bus is ¥1 (¥2 with air conditioning), but you must know the bus routes - stops are not announced in English. Motor Bikes - Although Downtown Ningbo does not permit motorbikes a bike can be rented outside of downtown and can make an enjoyable way of reaching the outer districts. Be sure to also rent a helmet or take your own.