Zhoushan Zhujiajian Airport

Zhoushan main island is accessible by plane via its small (domestic) airport situated on Zhu Jia Jian island, connected to the main Zhoushan island by a road bridge, so access is quite easy. There are flights to/from Shanghai's Honqiao Airport twice a day (morning and late afternoon), as well as flights to/from Beijing and Xiamen. Access to/from main island from/to Zhu Jia Jian is easy via taxi or airport buses. 

Zhoushan City Bus

The Main Island is linked by cross-sea bridges with Zhujiajian Island and the Mainland Zhejiang, and it has mainly three bus stations connecting them: the central bus station in Ring Road (South), Putuo bus station in Donghai Road (Middle) and Banshengdong bus station in Bingang Road. Several buses shuttle from Shanghai, Ningbo and Hangzhou daily. 


Ship is the main vehicle in the city. Docks link the island together. In addition, Zhujiajian Island has bridge connecting with the Main Island. Buses from the main island will arrived at Zhujiajian for about thirty minutes. Then, visitors can easily get to the airport or to the Putuo Mountain from the Wugong Dock north of Zhujiajian. In the Putuo Dock, visitors can take ships not only to the Main Island or many other islands around, but also to Shanghai and Ningbo.