Tianjin International Airport

Airport code: TSN Location: Tianjin Binhai International Airport is located in Zhanggui Zhuang, Dongli District, about 13 kilometers (about 8 miles) away from the downtown area. Brief Intro: As the second largest airport in northern China, ranking only after the Capital International Airport in Beijing, it is 400,000 square meters (about 99 acres) with a parking apron that can admit 40 airplanes at the same time. At present Binhai International Airport has 39 domestic and international airlines, reaching Shanghai, Xian, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Seoul, and so on. Airport Transportation: City-bus, Taxi and transportation to Beijing, Airport Shuttle Bus 

Tianjin Subway

At present, there are four subway lines in operation in the city, Line 1, Line 2, Line 3 and Line 9. In terms of the city's further plan, there will be other 12 lines constructed, all of which could cover the thirteen districts of the city.  Line 1: Liuyuan ⇔ Shuanglin  Line 2: Caozhuang ⇔ Tianjin Airport Economic Area  Line 3: Xiaodian ⇔ Hi-Tech Industrial Zone  Line 9: Railway Station ⇔ Donghai Road * Tianjin Light Rail, namely Jin Bin Mass Transit, is the east section of subway line 9. It supplies a rapid transit between the city's urban area and the Binhai new area. From Zhongshanmen station in downtown area, it takes 46 minutes for passengers to reach Binhai area.

Tianjin Taxi

Generally speaking, the taxi service in the city can meet all of your needs. You can easily find taxies with marks of Xiali, Santana, Jetta or others at or around airport, railway station, hotels and tourist attractions. The flat rate fare is CNY8 for all taxi types; while the distance surcharge varies from CNY1.5–2 per additional kilometer according to the make of taxi. If the taxi stops altogether for five minutes, for any reason, you will have to pay a surcharge equivalent to the distance surcharge for each additional kilometer. On the condition that you know the distance to your destination you can bargain with the driver and most probably save some money.

Tianjin City Bus

Tianjin city-bus system consists of school bus routes, special sight-seeing routes and regular routes which include inner city and suburban lines. If you take an inner city bus route, you will pay CNY1 for twelve kilometers (about 7.5 miles) or less and CNY1.5 for more. If you take a suburb line you have to pay CNY1 for the first ten kilometers (about 6.2 miles) and CNY0.5 for each extra five kilometers (about 3.1 miles)