Northwest University has three campuses: Taibai Campus, South Campus and Taoyuan Campus. Apartment for International Students is in Taibai Campus, the accommodation’s price is approximately RMB43-60/Day.

-Book in advance. Dormitories are limited.

-To rent off the campus is allowed.

-All students live on the Taibai Campus and should take the school bus , if you want to live on the Changan Campus, you should rent the house by yourself and you are responsible for your safety.

-24 hours check-in service and reception service.

-A week moving in before registration is allowed.

-Registration should be done before checked in. If your arrive at night, please inform the school in advance, checked in, then registration.

-Payment methods for tuition fee and other fees: Cash.

Taibai Campus

Taiban Campus is located in No.229 Taibai North Campus, Xi’an City, near Northwestern Polytechnical University and Xi'an Jiaotong University, where the teaching and learning atmosphere is good.

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