Hunan Normal University has five campuses: the Main Campus, the North Campus, the Taohuaping Campus, the Xianjiahu Campus and the Zhangongling Campus. International students live in(near) the main campus(in the Tianma Students Dorm/International Student Dorm/Off campus housing). 

  • Dorms are given to students who arrive earlier.
  • Rent outside campus is only allowed under the condition that there is no dorms available.
  • Offer 24 hour check-in service.
  • Moving in before semetser begins is not allowed.
  • Hotel in campus: Yes. 
  • Pay by semester in campus dorm.
  • Check-in after semester begins.
  • All expenses should be paid by cash.

The Main Campus

The International Student Dorm is in the main Campus, located in 36 Lushan Rd, Yuelu District, Changsha City. The Tianma Students Dorm is located No.268 Fubuhe Road, in other words, outside the main campus, 3 stops away.

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