There are different types of accommodation facilities for international students on the different campuses in the university. Self-sponsored students can also rent off-campus housing with the approval of the university and registration of the local Public Security Bureau.

Cangqian Campus

The International Students Service Center of Hangzhou Normal University is responsible for providing services such as accommodation, laundry,within the building of the Overseas Students Service Center.

The main office of the International Students Service Center is located on the 11th floor of Shuyuan Building 5 on Cangqian Campus.Students may call 28862090 for Front Desk when necessary. 


Students must live in school dormitory and observe Regulations on International Students Dormitory Management. Students are not allowed to rent and live outside of campus. Anyone who violates the regulations shall be penalized accordingly.

Accommodation fee shall be paid at once by semester or year; 
For Chinese Language Program students, one semester is around 4.5 months and one school year is around 10.5 months and more refund and less compensation shall be made when checking out;
Water and electricity is at your own expense.

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