-The university specialised in offering the foreign student apartment.
-Bedding, desk, air conditioner and washroom are provided in the room, which would be share by 1 or 2 students. Hot drinkable water and washing machine are also provided free of charge.
-Advanced undergraduate students, graduates and senior research fellows can rent or buy house both in and out of school. The rent is about 500 RMB per 50 square meters per month.
-Air conditioner, central heating, telephone, TV and etc.
-No bedding article or kitchen.
-You should pay the cost of the network.
-You should offer the water and electricity rates.
-No Internet in Dormitory, students need to handle it by themselves.

-You can pay accommodation fee by year.
-Accommodation Fee Payment Method: Cash, International Remittance.
Room Price
Room Type Room Price Notes
Double Room RMB 5500.00 Per Person Per Year
Double Room RMB 5000.00 Per Person Per Year
Triple Room RMB 4000.00 Per Person Per Year

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