The International Student Apartment is located on the campus. Each apartment accomodates two students with separate bedroom, one sitting room, kitchen and bathroom, equipped with airconditioner, microwave oven, refrigerator, induction cookers etc. Other services as wifi, public laundry, gym etc. are provided. Students can choose varieties of both Chinese and western food in the 5 canteens on the campus. The supermarkets, post office, banks nearby make life easy.
The International Student Apartment provides single bed-rooms and necessary facilities such as internet, air conditioner, microwave oven, refrigerator, induction cooker etc.. Public service is provided for laundry and clothes drying at very low price. Near the International Student Apartment are canteen, grocery, printing room and other convenience facilities.
Water:RMB3.5/ton, Electricity: RMB0.52/kilowatt
Internet: RMB50/month
Room Price
Room Type Room Price Notes
Single Room RMB 2500.00 RMB2,500/semester (4 months, water and electricity are not included)